Friday, 25 September 2015

Sept 25 - Friday Enrichment Roundup

As the rainy weather begins to set in here on the Island, certain dogs (Marlo, cough cough) like to spend less time outside :)  So, indoor enrichment becomes even more important!

Outside? No thanks...

A quick review of my favorite online training resources!

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy
Primarily for dog sports competitors but plenty for everyone if you choose carefully!  I have taken several courses and enjoyed them all.

Wag It Games
Wag It Games has an online academy.  I've taken Indoor Agility and a Beginning Find It class.

Cyber Dog Online
If you're looking for beginner clicker training skills, but can't attend an in-person class, this is the place to start!

Cyber Rally O
If you're interested in Rally Obedience at home, you can earn titles through this venue!

VALOR Agility
Interested in agility but can't attend regular trials?  Earn titles through Virtual Agility!

Do More with Your Dog!
Teach tricks, earn titles!  What could be more fun?


This brilliant guy built an interactive feeder for his cat, to allow his cat to "hunt" for his dinner!

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