Thursday, 22 October 2015

Enrichement Round Up: Friday, October 23

Yes, it's been a while,  but there's a lot of enrichment out there that needs to be rounded up!  You are all welcome :)

A TED video on how dogs "see" with their noses...truly their most enriching sense organ!

How much sleep does your dog need?  Maybe more than you think!  Having enough rest is an important part of having a balanced day.

Becky and I are actually working on learning some new tricks.  Old dogs often need more mental enrichment as their bodies may be not up to what they used to be!

33 whole activities!  Never an excuse to be bored again, no matter the weather!

Have an enriching week together!
My dogs enjoy exploring a new yard: at my parents' house on vacation.  So many smells!

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