Friday, 11 September 2015

Sept 11 Friday Enrichment Round-Up

I didn't get a whole lot off of the good old Interwebs this week for enrichment, so I thought I'd post a few pics of some enrichment my own dogs have had in the past few week.  (Or maybe it's just an excuse to spam you will pics of my dogs!)   Because Becky is getting older, and Marlo is reactive, we try to give them lots of new experiences other than long walks.

Marlo and Becky got some cookies, which I soaked in chicken broth overnight to add some flavour and make them softer.  A new treat for them both!

Our neighbour turned up a bunch of the bottom field.  What a fun sniffing excursion that was for the dogs!

We took  Becky for a walk in a local bird sanctuary (on leash dogs only!)  She enjoyed the new sights and smells very much.   
Marlo had a play-fest with a bunch of different toys.  There are always toys around because he likes to carry them to greet us, but I rotate through the stash. 

Becky got  to go to her favorite, Nosework class!  
Marlo meets a kitten!
Becky took a trip to the Ferry Terminal to meet Timo.  
Becky got a new toy: a durable soccer ball! 
Becky also got to go visiting, to a friend's house.  Meeting new people is not as enriching for Becky as it is for Marlo, but she did very well.
There you go!  My dogs being enriched.  Please send along enrichment things you find on the web, and I'll include them in the Round Up!

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