Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friday (well, Satuday) Enrichment Roundup

Slight delay, but I've still got some fun things to share this week! 

There is still plenty of discussion and debate over what constitutes a good life for intelligent wild animals in captivity, but this elephant swimming pool in Japan is a good example of enrichment that caters to animals' natural behaviour.  

An interesting and sad article on depression in horses.  Many horses suffer from very poor welfare due to the fact that they cannot participate in very important natural behaviours, such as lots of movement, constant foraging, and companionship and contact with other horses.  

Senior dogs often require special enrichment because their physical and mental capabilities may be in decline.  Here's a nice article from Lisa of Through a Dog's Ear:

From Modern Dog Magazine: tailoring enrichment to your dog's breed and natural behaviours.  Because I am personally not a fan of using other animals in recreational activities for pet dogs, it's always good to learn about alternative ways to allow your dog to express what they love to do:

Quite a few of my links this week are direct Facebook links, so I do apologize to those of you who don't have Facebook: 

Here is a video of some cats enjoying ice balls.  Who knew??  Some of you might have dogs or other pets who would enjoy this too:

Yaletown Dog Training in Vancouver is doing a series on Enrichment for Dogs with some fun illustrations:

From Canine Transformations Learning Center's Facebook page: a dog enjoying tunneling enrichment!

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