Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday Enrichment Roundup

Lots of good enrichment reading today!  Check these out and make your dog's (or other pet's) day:

If you haven't heard of it, check out the Snuffle Garden Project - devoted to helping dogs sniff and and relax.
The Snuffle Garden Project

As your dog ages, their needs change, but they still need interaction and enrichment.  Here are some great tips from Lisa at Through a Dog's Ear:
6 Ways to Comfort Your Senior Dog

Some insight into cats and how their needs are different from dogs:
How to Cure a Cat's Anxiety

Lucky enough to have a backyard to share with your pooch?  You can make it a paradise for both of you!
The Perfect Dog Friendly Backyard

Does enrichment lead to optimism? A piece on enrichment for hamsters from Discover Magazine:
Hamsters are Happier with Toys

A fun video showing how to make and use a DIY food puzzle toy (or two!)
Make or Build the Best Game for Dogs

(Facebook link) A cute enrichment infographic from Poppy and Pals:
6 Quick Enrichment Games

Thanks all for this week, have an enriching day!

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